Edifier Esiena BT full review

Edifier’s Esiena was originally launched a few years ago, and provided an attractive all-in-one music system that included a dock for iOS devices along with a built-in CD player and FM radio. A lot has changed since then, though, so this new ‘BT’ model comes up to date by ditching the CD player and opting for Bluetooth wireless instead.

This model still uses the traditional 30-pin dock connector, so it won’t work with the latest iOS devices that have the new Lightning connector (unless you buy an adaptor). But, of course, the Bluetooth connectivity will work with any iOS or other type of mobile device that has Bluetooth. There’s also a separate Line-In connector tucked around the back too, as well as an SD card slot and USB interface so that you can play music stored on memory sticks and cards.

The Esiena is neatly designed, housing two separate speaker units and a 5-inch LCD screen for displaying track information, all within a sturdy and compact unit that measures about 390mm wide, 237mm deep and 145mm high. There are large, glowing touch-sensitive controls on the top of the unit, along with a remote control that provides separate controls for treble and bass.

Audio quality is good – the higher frequencies lacked a little zing at first, but it was easy to bump up the treble using the remote control in order to get a sound that we liked. The bass output is quite firm given the relatively modest size of the unit, and while the 60W output (30W on each speaker) may not be loud enough to power a serious party the Esiena is more than adequate for livening up a dinner party with some friends.

The Esiena BT can play music off SD card and USB memory sticks.

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