eGo Mac Edition full review

This new Mac Edition of Iomega’s eGo portable drive has clearly been modelled after the iPhone. The slim, curved rectangular casing and metallic wraparound band are obviously inspired by the iPhone, and the drive is available in white and black so you can buy the one that matches your phone.

It’s a bit larger than the iPhone, though. We tested the 500GB model, which measures 9cm wide, 13.5cm long, and 1.9cm thick. It’s a bit big for your pocket, but will easily slip into a backpack or briefcase. There’s also a 1TB model that’s slightly chunkier at 2.26cm thick.

As the name implies, the eGo drive is designed specifically for Mac users and comes pre-formatted in the Mac’s HFS+ format so there’s no need to reformat before use. The drive has one USB 2.0 port and two FireWire 800 ports, so you can use whichever port you prefer and also have the option of connecting an additional FireWire drive as well. Iomega also throws in a thick rubber ‘drop guard’ case for extra protection when you’re on the move.

The drive mechanism is rated at 7,200rpm and performed well in our tests. Data transfer speeds when using the USB 2.0 port ran at around 30MBps, which is about average for a USB 2.0 drive. However, performance increased to 77MBps when using the FireWire 800 port, which is actually slightly faster than some of the other FireWire drives that we’ve tested recently.

The eGo drive is chunky, but a fast performer

The eGo drive also allows you to encrypt your data and set a password to prevent unauthorised access. However, you need to download a special encryption program in order to use this feature, and this is so carefully hidden on Iomega’s website that we had to ask the company to email us the link before we could find it.

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