Emtec Movie Cube K220H review

Emtec has been producing multimedia hard drives for a while now. The Movie Cube K220H is a fairly simple full HD multimedia player, with 1TB or 2TB hard disk options.

To connect the Movie Cube to your TV there’s an HDMI port and composite connections for older TVs, though naturally this gives poorer video quality. On the side of the unit there are two USB ports. One of these allows you to connect the drive to your Mac to copy across movies, music and video, while the other lets you easily add storage. If you have media on a USB memory key, you can also plug it into the Movie Cube and show it on your TV. The remote control is, as with many non-Apple designed remotes, a sea of buttons that don’t all quite make sense. However, once you’ve mastered it you’ll realise the buttons you need are easy to get to.

Emtec has done a good job with the interface, and though it’s fairly simplistic, it looks good and responds quickly to commands. The design of the unit itself is very basic with an almost slab-like look; there’s just a single break for the power button. The Movie Cube will fit in among the set-top boxes and DVD players you have under your TV very well.

If price is one of your main considerations, then the Emtec is sure to appeal to your wallet. We found the 1TB version of this drive online for about £100. That’s not a bad price for just a simple 1TB hard disk, let alone one with the added features and benefits that the Movie Cube has. The quality of the Emtec drive certainly hasn’t suffered by the lower price point either, as it feels like a very robust well-built device.

Simple yet effective, the Emtec Movie Cube does exactly what you want it to without any fuss


The Movie Cube may well lack networking features and flashy internet-based services, but it does what it does incredibly well. The construction is impressive, and though we’d have preferred the USB ports to be on the rear and not the side of the unit, this is a minor niggle. We really like the interface and the design; though very basic it’s good. The only real downside is that to copy movies and music you’ll have to plug your Mac into it physically, as there are no networking options. If this isn’t an issue for you though, the Emtec represents incredible value for money and is impressively easy to use.

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