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One thing we really like about the etyBLU2 is that it's quite subtle. It's not one of those yuppy-inspired Bluetooth headsets that can be seen from a mile away. The 4cm long unit fits to your ear and the narrow boom twists round the front of your face. Built into the unit is a multi-function button that allows you to answer a call, end a call, redial, and set up three-way calling.

In addition there are volume control buttons on the top (as long as you are wearing in on your right ear). It's quite easy to find the buttons, although the multi-function button would benefit from being raised slightly, as it's a case of pushing until you find the bit that gives.

We also like the fact that etymotic provides a great selection of ear pieces, including three flanges of different sizes that sit inside your ear canal; a foam tip; and a smaller ear bud. There is sure to be a earpiece that suits you. We felt that the unit was a little lose when we first put it in our ear, but then we found the included hook which after a bit of trial and error we managed to fix to the unit and hook around the top of our ear. As well as five different ear pieces etymotic includes two covers for the noise cancelling mic.

Just how well does the mic work? We found it dealt well with background noise at our end of the call, with our callee happy with the sound received, although there was a point when they complained that we went quiet – the mic had slipped away from our mouth at that point. As well as all the ear pieces Etymotic includes a couple of sponges to attach to the mic, which we found invaluable when using the etyBLUE outside as it protected our caller from the usually deafening noise of the wind. Etymotic also claims that the earphones produce clearer sound on the receiving end too, and we were happy with the sound of the caller on the other end of the line. 

Stylish Bluetooth headset for your iPhone

Charging the etyBLUE takes about an hour to get an 80 per cent charge. Etymotic claims you can expect to get about 70 hours talk time (and 100 hours standby) out of it once fully charged.

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