Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB + Wi-Fi full review

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 is the latest SD memory card with Wi-Fi built-in. This model adds to the standard version by offering RAW image support, geotagging and the ability to communicate with an ad-hoc network.

When you're out shooting the Eye-Fi card works like any other SD memory card it's only when you get back to your home or office where the difference really starts to show. Simply turn your camera on and your images start to transfer to your computer.

The 8GB card connects through your wireless network and automatically uploads your images to your chosen location. It can also send them directly to an online service such as Flickr or Facebook. If you don't have a wireless connection you can setup an ad-hoc network with your Mac to simply transfer between the two.

Getting the card up and running and editing your settings is very easy, you simply insert the card into your Mac and follow the instructions. Once that’s done your card is configured and you never have to use a card reader ever again.

The geotagging feature uses the Skyhook system of wireless triangulation so it's not as accurate or all encompassing as full GPS. If you’re lucky you'll find it works in the larger city centres but in the UK it's a bit more hit and miss. If you’re shooting in one location the endless memory feature is very effective too. The card relays shots to your computer and deletes them from the card giving you, in effect, a hard disk sized memory card.

The price might put some of you off especially as you can get a larger capacity card and USB reader for much less. However, the wireless upload works seamlessly and features such as endless memory are great and well worth the cash. The Eye-Fi card also takes the hassle out of creating a remote backup of your images by uploading them to photo sharing sites and that might just be priceless.

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