Eye-Fi Share Video 4GB full review

The Eye-Fi range of SD memory cards enable you to transfer pictures and video directly from your camera to your Mac using just a wireless network connection. There’s no need to plug in the camera or carry a card reader with you.

The Eye-Fi system is incredibly simple to set up. Plug the card into your Mac with the supplied card reader, install the software, type in your WiFi password and you’re ready to go. You use the Eye-Fi Manager website to select which networks to use and whether pictures should be automatically uploaded to sharing sites or wait for your approval. You can also manage settings such as notification preferences and upload locations. If you want to post images to multiple locations you can do that too.

We tested the Eye-Fi Share Video model, which costs £69.99 and allows wireless transfer to the web or direct to your Mac. You can also upload directly to popular sites such as Flickr, YouTube, Picasa and MobileMe. There’s a cheaper version (Eye-Fi Home Video, £49.99) that offers simple wireless transfer to a Mac, and a more expensive model (Eye-Fi Pro, £119.99) that supports Raw format transfer and ad-hoc connections.

In use the Eye-Fi card is a revelation. Turn on your camera, start shooting and your images start transferring – it’s that simple. If you’re not in range of your base station the upload begins when you are. We had some trouble with the automatic power-saving mode on our camera stalling transfers, but once we’d extended the time there were no further problems. Battery life isn’t significantly reduced by the card and transfers are quick too. The online management tool is a breeze to use and just uploading pictures directly to your Mac couldn’t be easier. Paying £69 for a 4GB SD card might sound a bit pricey, but in our opinion it’s worth every penny.

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