FinePix Real 3D W3 full review

With 3D technology present in more and more homes, it was just a matter of time before the photographic industry ventured into this exciting new arena.

Fujifilm’s 10-megapixel FinePix 3D W3 follows the pioneering FinePix W1 that was released in 2009. Much like its predecessor, the W3 has a light, 250g twin lens body, but carries a more generous 3.5in LCD screen.

The camera recreates the perception of 3D depth with two lenses placed at a 74mm distance from each other. When you press the shutter release button, the camera takes two perfectly synchronised photos, and puts them together to produce a 3D image.

Turn an ordinary photo into a unique creation. This is a JPEG version of a 3D image, to view as 3D go to

The images are recorded as Multi Picture Format (MPO), which can’t be transferred to a 2D screen. You can view the 3D result on the camera’s own LCD (without special glasses), but to fully enjoy the 3D effect, you need to transfer the photos to a large screen. You could, alternatively, load the photos onto a 3D facilitating site such as, or order 3D effect (lenticular) prints directly from Fujifilm.

The FinePix W3 3D boasts top quality Fujinon lenses, (focal length equivalent to 35-105 mm on a 35mm camera), advanced flash, Parallax control, image cropping facility,  a refreshingly simple playback, and flawless switch between shooting modes.

These modes include Manual, Aperture priority, fully automatic, and the unique Advanced 2D modes. That last mode takes advantage of the two lenses having two separate CCDs that can be individually controlled. So you can set one lens to shoot black and white while the other shoots colour, or set one to high film sensitivity and the second to low.

The FinePix W3 can shoot 3D HD movies at 720p, recorded as 3D AVI. This is a memory-hungry mode and extra cards are a must. (A 16GB HDSC will suffice for 42 minutes of footage).

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