FlipSYNC II Charge & Sync Cable full review

This is the second iteration of Scosche's FlipSYNC Cable. When we looked at the first model last year our main concern was the fact that we couldn't actually get it into the USB port on our Mac. Eventually we threw caution to the wind and rammed it into the port. We asked why it was such a tight squeeze and Scosche told us that it was important that the cable fitted snugly to protect the iPhone – as if it might fall our if you moved the Mac. Whatever the reason, Scosche has now seen sense and the connection now fits nicely into the USB port on our MacBook.

The design of the unit is a little better than last year's too, with a nice sensation of clicking into place when you fold it up. However, we found that there is a nack to folding the FlipSYNC II up, you must first plug in the USB part in to the top of the FlipSYNC, before attempting to fix Apple's connector into the base of the FlipSYNC, and even then we felt we were tugging at the cable in a way that might weaken it over time.

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