G-Dock ev full review

The G-Dock ev is a dual bay enclosure that supports G-Drive ev hard drives. These are rugged, mobile, 2.5” hard drives designed for mobile use. So, in effect, the G-Dock is two products in one. It’s a hub that’s compatible with G-Drive ev hard drives. The unit we tested shipped with two 1TB G-Drives - but you can buy more. You can also use G-Technology’s G-Drive ev Plus, a portable SATA III drive with accelerated transfer rates.

Let’s go back to the dock for a moment and consider one component at a time. It’s a hefty, substantial feeling piece of kit designed to sit next to your main work machine. The styling is old school, brushed aluminium, rough to the touch. We found ourselves daydreaming about G4 Cubes... It’s compact too, with a footprint of 7.87" x 5.12".

At the front you’ll find two slots, one for each supported G Drive ev. At the back there are two - count them - Thunderbolt ports, making the unit ideal for daisy-chaining additional devices. Apart from the power connector and power button, that’s it. Simple, effective and clean.

Returning to the supported drives - these 7200 rpm mobile modules are ideal for media use. As solidly styled with their aluminium casing as the G-Dock,  photographers, musicians and video makers will see the value of drives they can take to the studio or on location in their pocket. The modules have SATA and USB 3.0 connectivity, working with OS X or Windows.

When you get back to the office, you simply slot the drives back into the G-Dock and, with write rates up 250MB/s, can get back to work immediately. With up to 1TB on a single drive, you can expand your system by adding more drives to the G-Dock. 

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