G-Technology G-Drive 2TB full review

The G-Drive 2TB from G-Technology – now part of Hitachi – is a hugely capacious hard drive that offers an unmatched range of high-speed connection options, namely eSATA, FireWire 800 (backwards compatible to FireWire 400), and USB 2.0. It’s elegantly styled and superbly finished in precision-crafted aluminium.
The style of the G-Drive follows that of Apple’s Mac Pro, with a chassis in natural satin metal and similar perforations. This is form-follows-function styling for essential ventilation and cooling; but the G-Drive goes a step further in a bid to forsake extra cooling fans.

The hard disk inside is securely clamped to a sub-assembly that sports a healthy sized finned heat sink. After several hours of continuous read/write action, we found the G-Technology G-Drive 2TB case barely got warm to the touch.

In spite of the fan-less design, the low-level vibration of a 7,200rpm 3.5in disk can be heard. This thrumming resonance may be a tad too intrusive to allow the drive to sit in the lounge as part of a home media hub. Some compliant suspension may have helped here to acoustically isolate the disk from the casework.

Of the three connection standards on the G-Drive 2TB USB 2.0 was, unsurprisingly, the weakest option. Comparable to a pocket USB drive, it had read/write speeds of 27.4Mbps and 20Mbps respectively.

FireWire 800 has been the fastest hot-swappable data bus until very recently, and the G-Drive proved pretty quick here, averaging a 62.6Mbps read speed, but a more pedestrian write speed average of just 25Mbps – not a great deal faster than USB 2.0 in this respect.

Which leaves eSATA, an external-drive-tailored version of the SATA bus that wires up hard disks inside a modern computer. It sped ahead at a 95Mbps average read speed (and a terrific burst capability up to 160Mbps), while writing was at a still-impressive 82.5Mbps.

The intrinsic random access seek time of the fitted hard disk was 13.3ms, and FireWire 800 showed the lowest CPU usage with a 3 per cent minimum.

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