GEAR4 AlarmDock Reveal full review

The AlarmDock Reveal is the latest in a long line of iPod and iPhone compatible accessories from GEAR4. It follows in a tradition of affordable, practical and attractive docks, speakers, chargers, radios and cases from the company. At the value end of the market, canny shoppers can often find GEAR4 products well below the SRP, and the AlarmDock Reveal is no exception.

At around £50 or less, the AlarmDock Reveal is a compact all black alarm clock radio with FM tuner and not one, but two programmable alarms. Sleepy heads can wake up to the sound of desired iPod or iPhone tunes, radio, or if needs must, a buzzer, that at maximum volume could wake the dead. With a decent range of features, five radio presets, sleep countdown timer and snooze control, setting both the clock and alarm is thankfully straightforward. The controls are easy to use, while the display is clear and intuitive. For light sleepers, the display has several dimple settings, and shouldn't distract from having a peaceful night.


At this price sound is never more than decent but felt more than adequate listening at lower levels in bed. While the FM aerial looks a little frail, we managed a strong rich radio reception, particularly with speech while listening to a late-night phone in. Needless to say, if you leave your iPod or iPhone docked overnight you should have plenty of battery life to last the day anew, thanks to a built in charger. Sadly, GEAR4 didn't feel the need to add a DAB radio, despite a UK wide campaign to switch to digital radio, which will hopefully be addressed with an updated model.

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