Griffin Travel Speaker full review

Griffin’s compact little Travel Speaker isn’t powerful enough for an outdoor party, but it’s a handy option if you just want to listen to some music in a hotel room or when you’re lounging beside the pool on holiday.

The Travel Speaker is about the size of a small paperback book, so you can easily slip it into a backpack or overnight bag. It only weighs 280g and doesn’t require any batteries as it draws its power from your iPod or iPhone. That will obviously affect the battery life of the device, although the actual playing time that you get will vary from model to model.

The dock is roomy enough that you can insert your iPod or iPhone without having to take it out of its protective case, and there’s a USB cable provided so that you can connect the Travel Speaker to a computer or charger and top up the battery while you’re listening to your music. There’s no AUX input, though, so you can’t use it with anything other than an iPod or iPhone.

The sound quality from such a small speaker obviously isn’t going to take your breath away – there’s not much bass, and the maximum volume is fairly modest. Even so, the sound is nice and clear, and certainly a big step up from the speakers you get on most laptop computers. It’s no dance monster, but it’s perfectly fine if you just want a bit of background music while you’re chilling out in your hotel room.

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