Hanns.G HP226DGB review

The glass front on the iMac is either something you love because it’s all dark and stylish, or something you hate because it picks up lots of reflections when used in a well-lit room. What you probably didn’t consider was that it also helps protect the surface of the LCD screen. That’s the remit for the Hanns.G HP226 which sports a 3mm thick, 7H hard glass surface to protect the screen. The idea is that it’s for use in environments where there’s likely to be rough handling, fingers on the screen or other such perils.

The stand at the back is fairly short and stubby, the interfaces are under the rear panel ledge 

Physically it’s quite boxy, with the power supply built into the back and a short, stubby stand for it to sit on. This also means it doesn’t extend up that far and it doesn’t tilt upwards much either. There’s the standard Hanns.G controls on the front left with an easy to use menu system. You may be tinkering with that sooner than you think though, as I’ll explain shortly. Around the back there’s analogue D-Sub and DVI-D inputs as well as a socket for audio in as the monitor has twin 1.5w speakers built-in.

Somewhat boxy-looking LCD panel with a 3mm thick, hardened glass front that will withstand accidental knocks and impacts

On the specification side it’s full HD, 1920x1080 of course, measuring 21.5” diagonally. The 5ms refresh rate is plenty good enough to ensure no ghosting but the 220cd/m2 brightness and 1000:1 contrast ratio are below average. Which brings us to the initial output which has a little too much green in it and the colours aren’t particularly vibrant. That can be tweaked, but the lack of brightness can be an issue in a bright room, especially because the glass front, as you’ll already know, picks up reflections from around the room. The viewing angles are fine, but moving to the side does make white screen turn yellow and picks up more reflections. On full screen tests there was some light leak down the right side of the display, but white-screen tests showed little to no darkening in the corners or discolouration. Skin tones on photos tend to look very neutral. There are some colour and contrast presets built into the menu, but none of them improve the overall output and most make it worse.


This is an easy question to answer because it all comes down to whether you need a hardened protective surface on your display. If you do then this monitor is well priced and will stand up to the rigours of the environment. If you don’t then look elsewhere as there are lots of better quality panels at the same price point.

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