Hanns.G HW246HBB full review

When you want a stylish option as well as a decent amount of screen space

At the budget end of the market for a second monitor, it’s all about getting the features that really matter most because you aren’t going to get everything in one package. In the case of the HW246 what you’re getting is 1920x1080 resolution on a 23.6” screen in a stylish two-tone, or Oreo-styled, lightweight package. The PSU is external, but in the actual plug, so there’s no separate block lying around the floor. It plugs into the stand, which is also two-tone, where, surprisingly, the HDMI and D-Sub analogue interfaces are also housed.

The front then, is a glossy black frame, which the back is a clean white shade. The monitor moves up and down on the stand but doesn’t rotate. The menu functions are touch-panel operated and marked, thankfully, clearly enough to see when the monitor is on. The menu is easy to operate as well.

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The front of the panel is a glossy black but the rear, including the stand, is pure white, giving it the nickname of the Oreo monitor.

This is obviously a TN panel at this price point (£117) so expect to trade refresh rates for viewing consistency. Indeed, while the pure white screen shows little darkening in the corners, a solid colour screen showed variation where ever you sat. The pure black screen shows some light leak but it isn’t significant. The refresh rate isn’t the fastest for a TN screen at 5ms, but it’s plenty good enough. Over to coverage and 92% of sRGB and 71% of AdobeRGB are fairly mediocre results.

On screen uniformity at 100% Brightness, most of the screen was fairly consistent except for the top left and right corners which were up to 16.8% brighter. At 50% Brightness this was a little better at 13.9%, but is still a little wayward for those corners. Colour consistency across the surface was decent except for the bottom left corner which, at Delta-E 7.0 was some way off, but again, this drops to 4.6 at 83% Brightness. In terms of where the colours are for accuracy, they are actually pretty good, except for dark cyan at Delta-E 6.74, but almost everything else is under 2 giving an average of Delta-E 1.90 which is a great result for a panel at this price point. The Brightness is advertised as a below-average 250cd/m2 but under test this came out at better at 277.1, which is reasonable but would struggle in very bright lighting conditions. The contrast though, rated at 1000:1 was measured at 780:1 which is better than many more expensive monitors.

While the sRGB coverage is only mediocre the actual colour accuracy is remarkably good for a budget unit.

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