HP Envy 27 full review

Super stylish and an angled audio platform delivers Beats Audio, though the display quality isn’t as good as others.

If you want something just as stylish as your MacBook Air to sit on a desk at home then cast your eyes upon the HP Envy 27, a 27in IPS panel with built-in speakers branded by Beats Audio.

With the slimmest of bezels, a smooth, sculpted back, audio front panel and a knack of seeming to hover above the solid metal stand, this could the monitor of your dreams.

The consequence of such a slender rear is an less-pretty external power supply. On the back are interfaces for D- Sub VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort. Audio can come in through either HDMI or DisplayPort connections, and note that on the Mac you will need to tell it to send the audio to that monitor. Alternatively there are audio jacks for input and output. The sound is pretty good despite the Beats Audio tag, with treble tones being particularly crisp, but there’s little bass and obviously won’t be replacing any hi-fi unit.

Also worth noting is that the screen is glossy and reflective, so picks up distracting reflections. As befits something that looks so good, the monitor controls are touch-sensitive on the bottom strip, but they are invisible until touched, when they illuminate.

Unlike some of the other 27in monitors here, the maximum resolution for the Envy 27 is only a full-HD 1920 x 1080 which does make the display look soft in comparison.

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