iLuv iEP515 full review

Although iLuv describes the iEP515 as ‘premium in-ear earphones’, the £49.99 price tag actually puts them more in the ‘affordable upgrade’ category for people who are looking for an alternative to Apple’s own underwhelming earphones.

The iEP515 is a lightweight set of earphones, equipped with a three-button remote control and microphone. This lets you make phone calls and record memos and works with the iPhone’s Voice Control and with the iPod Shuffle’s VoiceOver feature.

The earphones can also work with an iPod or iPad, as well as being able to control iTunes running on a Mac.

We like the iEP515 earphones as an alternative to Apple’s own, but we don’t luv ‘em

Audio quality is respectable for the price – nothing special, although the bass is pleasantly full-bodied. It’s certainly better than the tinny sound you get from Apple’s own earphones, though. The microphone works well too, and we had no trouble being heard when making calls on an iPhone.

However – as is the case with all in-ear earphones – it’s very important to ensure the ear pieces form a tight seal inside your ear or else the bass fades away quite noticeably. There are three sets of rubber earpieces, in three different sizes, included with the earphones. We found it necessary to jam them quite firmly into our ears in order to get a tight seal for the best audio quality – you might have a different experience.

We had a couple of other small complaints, too. The earphone cables seem quite light and not particularly rugged, and they have a tendency to curl up and get tangled quite easily. We also noticed that iLuv is selling the iEP515 for $49.99 on its US website, which suggests that UK users are actually paying a bit of a premium for these ‘premium’ earphones

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