iLuv Sweet Cotton iHP614 Headphones full review

By no means for professional purposes, these stylish and lightweight over the ear headphones from iLuv demonstrate good value for money, and an alternative for those to those hands-free earphones you may currently use in discomfort.

iLuv Sweet Cotton headphones are available here in the UK in four different colours: Black, electric blue and pastel pink and mint. Each colour conveys a style of simplicity that fits in nicely with Apple products.

The headphones are multi functional, as they not only allow you to listen to music but also to take incoming calls with just one touch of a button.

The soft padded ear pads are incredibly comfortable for the ears. However, not so comfortable is the metal framing. Although the framing is robust and durable, and conveys a minimalist style, the headphones are not the most comfortable for usage over a long period of time. Despite how simple the adjustability of the headphones is, the time to get the headphones into a comfortable position is frustrating.

The cable is reasonably thick and the jack bulky, indicating the headphones can endure some wear.

The audio quality of these the Sweet Cottons is fairly good for the £29.99 price tag, bringing the listener rich full sound that match that of Apple’s earphones. The headphones have a fairly strong bass and cope well with loud volume. However, when listening to music at the top volume, others around can also hear your song choice, which may not be convenient for those secret Carly Rae Jepson fans.

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