Iomega StorCenter ix2 full review

Iomega’s StorCenter drives are a good option for small businesses that want an affordable network RAID drive, and the company has just updated the ix2 model with a number of new hardware and software features.

This compact dual-bay drive can be bought with a pair of 1TB, 2TB or 3TB drives, providing a total of 2TB, 4TB or 6TB storage. We noticed that prices had gone up by about £20 for this model – they’re now £329 for 2TB, £409 for 4TB and £569 for 6TB – but those prices are still comparable to rival products from other manufacturers. This new model can also be bought as an empty chassis for £119, which gives you the option of providing your own drives.

The StorCenter is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port for connecting to your network, as well as a single USB port that will allow you to connect external USB drives for additional storage. It’s not the most versatile RAID system, offering just RAID 1 mirroring, so it’s probably not ideal for corporate users who want a fully-fledged RAID system. However, it’s positively crammed with other features that will appeal to small businesses and more advanced home users.

The StorCenter’s web browser interface provides options for uploading videos to YouTube, a BitTorrent client, online back-up, and a ‘personal cloud’ option that provides remote access to your files over the Internet. Iomega has also released an app called Link that allows you to access your files from iOS devices too.

Our only complaint is that – as with the previous model – Iomega’s documentation isn’t very helpful. Many features aren’t clearly explained, especially on the Mac side of things where relatively simple options such as setting up Time Machine backups left us randomly clicking buttons in order to try and find the settings we needed.

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