Iomega TV with Boxee full review

The Iomega TV with Boxee is a multimedia 1TB or 2TB hard drive with a difference. Its specifications are impressive, with wireless and wired Ethernet connections, HDMI out and two USB ports. The remote control is a two-sided affair that has simple controls on the top and a full QWERTY keyboard on the rear. However, the real difference is the interface. Rather than create an interface in-house, Iomega has employed the services of Boxee to do it. Boxee is a well-established web-to-TV service provider, well regarded for ease of use and capabilities. We applaud Iomega for integrating the service with its hard drive. Essentially what you’re getting is a Boxee Box (reviewed opposite), but with an Iomega disk and design.

With the interface sorted by Boxee, Iomega has done the rest and it’s certainly an impressive bit of kit. The device itself is chunky, but it’s solidly built and feels like a quality piece of equipment. It’s slightly larger and heavier than the other units on test, but it’s not too big. In the box there’s a stand that allows you to use the Iomega TV in the upright position too.  

Connecting to your local drives is simple and getting access to your content is easy, but don’t expect the interface design panache that you get from Apple. To transfer your music, movies and other content to the Iomega disk you need to connect to it over the network, but that’s a straightforward procedure as you just drag and drop to the disk.

There’s a lot to like about the Iomega drive, the specification is great and the Boxee integration is good. Add in the wireless and wired network capabilities, and the package is even better. The two-sided remote control is a good compromise, making the web browsing experience all the better. Personal cloud sharing is a neat feature too.

The Iomega TV with Boxee is a great-looking device, but it is quite pricey

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