On Time 200P full review

The JBL On Time 200P continues the company’s fondness of space-age curved design. It’s a bedside alarm clock with a good range of features - including a remote control that offers full playlist navigation, an AM/FM radio and snooze functions.

The design works well. Its shell is made of plastic and as such feels a bit bendy. The button pushes make a loud plasticky ‘click’, but the look is cool. A blue LCD screen glows gently, while the speakers are spread around an upward-facing curvy design.

Speaker-wise, the On Time 200P packs two 45mm speakers with a 2x 6W amp. The resulting sound is pretty good for a little unit. Sound is warm and lush, particularly on acoustic tracks. Play anything a little heavier and you’ll get a good sound, but it’s a bit thinner. Overall though, the sound is decent, and won’t upset you if you set it to wake you up in the morning.

Talking of which, you have to set the clock manually when you first turn it on, which is pretty painless and easy to do without reading the instructions. The alarms are easy to set too - there are seven separate alarm slots, and they can be set for single days, weekends, weekdays, or every day. There’s also a snooze function, which can be set for a minute through to 30 minutes.

Setting the radio presets is a little more laborious, as it involves a series of button holds and pushes that aren’t immediately obvious. You can preset 10 stations for easy access. There’s an aux input on the back.

The dock comes complete with adaptors for all the iPod models, as well as FM and AM aerials.

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