JVC HA-M750 full review

This JVC set turned out to be quite a revelation. Firstly, the retail price is a bit of red herring, as these phones can be found for much less if you shop around. The second thing is their tough styling. They’re all masculine black and square edges, with aluminium adjusters and rectangular carbon cups.

We approached them with some trepidation, having ears of roughly normal size and shape, but the oblong phones turned out to be more comfortable than we’d expected. If a little tight: they cling on to the head like a limpet, and a little adjustment was required.

Although they come with quite a short cable attached, a bundled extension cord rids you of any worries there. And there’s flexibility in all the right places, with hinges that allow the phones to be folded to a size that would easily fit
in a man-bag. If you own one.

The JVC HA-M750s sound amazing: deep rich bass with a pluck to it, clear mid tones and a bright top end. Nothing seemed swamped or lost, even though the spread was a little on the close side. Those square pads are surprisingly comfortable once adjusted, but there’s little space between speaker and ear.

Despite the strange shape, the JVC HA-M750s sound amazing

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