Kingston Data Traveller Hyper X 3.0 full review

Some people might question the inclusion of a humble memory stick in this review, as Flash memory devices often use cheaper, slower memory chips than more expensive SSD drives. However, the 64GB version of the Hyper X 3.0 tested here is the same size as the SSD drive included with the entry-level MacBook Air so it’s certainly worth considering as an affordable back-up option for a MacBook that has an internal SSD drive.

It’s competitively priced too, at less than £85 for 64GB, with 128GB and 256GB models also available for about £150 and £365 each. It’s by no means the worst performer, either, pulling ahead of the USB 3.0-equipped Verbatim External SSD in most of our tests.

The memory stick design also means that it’s the smallest and lightest drive in this group. It weighs just 20g and is a mere 75mm long, so you could easily slip it into your shirt pocket when you need to take your laptop into a meeting with you. And, of course, using a USB 3.0 interface also means that it’s still compatible with older Macs and PCs that only have USB 2.0.

Its performance results were rather mixed, though, with write speeds being relatively poor. With the larger video files used by Aja System Test, the Hyper X 3.0 produced a modest write speed of 55.8MB/s. It’s probably not the best choice for serious video-editing, although that’s only to be expected from a drive in this price range. Its performance picked up a bit with smaller file sizes, increasing to 75.5MB/s. That’s still way behind the performance of the LaCie Rugged drive when using its USB 3.0 interface, but the compact, pocket-size design of the Hyper X 3.0 will still appeal to many people.

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