KitSound Audio Earmuffs full review

At this depressing time of year, our thoughts turn to physical comforts: stodgy food, lie-ins and woolly clothes. Now you can combine the latter with uplifting music, thanks to this earmuff/headphone hybrid from KitSound.

A regrettable typo in issue 69 of iPad & iPhone User meant we labelled them as £99.99 instead of £19.99, and it says a lot for their quality that this didn’t seem totally implausible. The audio quality is strong for the price: warm and rich, although there’s not much punch to the bass.

The design is comfortable (if aimed primarily at female buyers; the large-headed male reviewer would have appreciated a couple of extra notches on the expandable headband), and there’s an easy-to-use volume control on the cable.

These are obviously cold-weather headphones, but even in winter you may find them too warm: we wore them on our morning walk to the Tube, and felt like taking them off once we’d worked up a sweat. And once on the train, of course, no more music.

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