Kodak ESP 3.2 (MW) full review

It’s not the fastest printer we’ve ever come across, but Kodak’s ESP 3.2 is a good option for home users who simply want a decent quality printer that doesn’t cost too much to run.

The ESP 3.2 only costs £79, but it provides good value for money as it’s a multifunction model that also includes scanning and copying features, as well as built-in wifi for connecting to your home network and a small touch-screen control panel that makes it easy to get set up in just a few seconds.

It’s fairly compact too, measuring just 16.5 inches wide, 12.4 inches deep and 7.0 inches high, so you can easily stick it on a shelf or small desk without taking up too much space.

Print quality is good – it’s not going to have any laser printers worried, but text output is clear and sharp, while graphics are more than good enough for school reports or even knocking up some business presentations at home. Photos printed on plain paper were a little darker than we would have liked, but using glossy photo paper produced much better results.

Kodak quotes speeds of 8ppm for black text and 5.5ppm for colour, but we got a more modest 4ppm for both types of document, and 50s to print a 4x6 photo. That’s hardly outstanding, but it should still be adequate for home users who just need to turn out the occasional letter or school report.

Running costs are also very competitive. Kodak’s high-yield black ink cartridge, costs £12.99 and lasts for 670 pages, which works out at just under 2p per page. Colour printing is a little more expensive as the high-yield colour cartridge that is available in the US doesn’t seem to be available here in the UK, but at £14.99 for around 400 pages it still works out at a very reasonable 5.5p per page.

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