Krator Neso 4 speakers full review

Powered by USB, the Neso 4 from Krator are budget desktop speakers, compatible with a range of computers, smartphones and music players. Lightweight and fairly compact, although not enough to be truly portable, they are ideally suited to anyone short of space or spare cash. A penny under £20, and possibly less if you shop around online, they thankfully don't look or feel too cheap and nasty. 

 The stylish droplet-styled speakers come in a choice of black or white, with gold coloured speaker cone and a rather large Krator logo. Build is generally good, although the rather flimsily speaker cone could be easily damaged if you do decide to take them on your travels. The speakers are connected via USB and a 3.5mm Stereo phone jack, while a second jack is available for headphones. Round the back are two controls for volume and bass, with no option to adjust the treble. 

Krator Neso 4 speakers  

The Neso 4 speakers offer 5 watts R.M.S. output, which we suspect is enough for everyday use, especially if you’re listening alone in a bedroom or study. Sound is fairly consistent across a range of musical styles and only appears wanting when you turn the volume up or listen to bass heavy dance music and dub reggae. 

 Krator Neso 4 speakers

You can sit them almost anywhere on your desktop or even bookshelf if you have one close to hand and they don't seem to mind. The speakers also do a fair job playing streaming audio from a number of online catch-up TV and radio services, offering a cleaner, clearer alternative to our built in speakers. The Krator Neso 4 are available from Bitmore.

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