LG IPS231P review

If there’s such a thing as a budget IPS panel then the 23in widescreen, LED backlit, LG Flatron IPS231P is it. An IPS panel will set you back £30-£40 more than an equivalent TN panel; but the advantage is that the viewing angle is so much wider. 

Even though it has the power supply built in the sculpted back makes it less box-like than the AOC monitor, for example. However, like all the panels here, it places the ports underneath the ledge on the back, making them hard to access unless the panel is rotated first. The monitor can be rotated into portrait orientation – ideal for commercial portrait photographers – and being an IPS panel, you can view it from much wider angles and still see the picture perfectly. The controls on the front are initially confusing because they’re unlabelled. However, press the left side button and the menu with all the entries and control options is listed above the correct buttons.

Setting it up for calibration was interesting because at 250cdm2 it has average brightness and required almost 100 per cent Brightness setting to get it to the 200cdm2 target used for these tests. Once done though, there was a good balance equally between highlight and shadow definition. That was borne out in the gamut tests where the IPS231 measured 97 per cent of sRGB, 76 per cent of AdobeRGB and 73 per cent of NTSC. 

Looking at the full screen white test there’s some slight shadowing on the bottom corners and slight yellowing on the top right, but it’s more consistent than most for this price point. The black test was virtually perfect, showing no light leaks around the edge of the screen. 

A good all-rounder, the LG IPS231P can easily be set up as a second screen, with the best NTSC coverage on test



The display is quite sharp, so text isn’t quite as solid and rounded as on our reference display, but it’s still good. Of course, the payoff for IPS panels has been poor refresh rates but this one offers a speed of 5ms. In practice you won’t see any ghosting with this. High-speed gaming and action scenes in films all render well with crisp graphics.

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