Loewe Speaker 2Go full review

German TV manufacturer branches out with high-quality Bluetooth speaker

Rumours about an Apple television set continue to swirl around the Internet – including the suggestion that Apple has been in talks to buy Loewe, the German manufacturer that specializes in luxury designer TVs.

Loewe has also been expanding into the audio market recently, with impressive systems such as the SoundVision, which comes with a suitably Apple-esque £1200 price tag. Fortunately, the Speaker 2Go is a bit more affordable, although it still sits at the higher end of the Bluetooth speaker market.

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The Speaker 2Go includes a built-in sub-woofer

Priced at £269.00, the Speaker 2Go is a portable Bluetooth speaker that provides impressive sound quality, combined with a neat and compact design. Available in either black or silver, the speaker measures just 24cm long, 10.5cm high and 5.1cm thick, so it’s easy to slip into a backpack or travelling bag when you’re on the move. Loewe also includes a small carrying bag and audio cable with the Speaker 2Go for when you’re travelling.

The aluminium casing is sturdy enough to cope with the occasional bump, and it’s also surprisingly heavy for such a compact unit. In fact, at 1.3Kg it weighs almost as much as the 13-inch version of the MacBook Air. Even so, that’s still light enough to be quite portable, and the sturdy metal case also helps to reduce vibrations and produce a really good, solid sound.

Loewe has managed to squeeze a full 2.1 set of speakers into the Speaker 2Go’s compact case, with the two 10-watt stereo speakers mounted on either side of a central 20-watt sub-woofer. Higher frequencies are warm and detailed, while the sub-woofer provides a firm bass sound that sets the Speaker 2Go apart from many portable speakers of this size. And with 40-watts total output the Speaker 2Go can match the power of quite a few larger speakers that we’ve seen too. It’s not quite powerful enough for a full-on party, but it’s more than adequate to fill the living room at home or in a holiday apartment, or to liven up an outdoor barbeque.

Battery life is around eight hours, so it’ll last through a long summer night without too much trouble. Loewe hasn’t skimped on additional features, either. As well as standard Bluetooth connectivity, the Speaker2Go also supports the Apt-X audio codec for streaming CD-quality sound over the wireless Bluetooth connection. Apple’s iOS devices don’t currently support Apt-X, but it’s a welcome option for audiophiles who may have other Apt-X devices that they can use with the Speaker2Go.

There’s also a Line-In connector for wired devices, and a built-in mic so that you can take calls and use the unit as a speakerphone if you want to. It even supports NFC – near-field communication – for automatic pairing with other NFC devices. Like Apt-X, NFC is currently being ignored by Apple on iOS devices, but it’s increasingly being used by other types of phone so it could come in handy if you want to let your friends play their music on the Speaker 2Go as well.

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