Logitech 300vi full review

The 300vis are the third pair of earphones here to loop over the top of the ear. The Logitechs have a mouldable orange cable that you can adjust to fit around your ear, though this still popped out at regular intervals. Unfortunately, this seems to be par for the course for this style of earphone.

In other respects, though, these are solid, low- to mid-price models. They look smart, done in a sharp-looking grey and orange colour scheme, and the six bundled earpieces come in a wide range of sizes. The cable features a volume control/pause remote and detachable lapel clip, and the orange carry box has quite a nice, funky look to it, even if it’s a little reminiscent of the cases teenagers carry their braces in.

Considering the £40 price tag, we weren’t expecting outstanding sound quality, but the Logitechs proved the stronger of the two sets in the lower price category. Prog rock was warm and realistic, if a touch trebly, and while you won’t get majestic bass from these headphones – our disco sample was somewhat thin, with a cymbally rather than deeply percussive feel – they can handle lighter pop and classical music with aplomb.

We actually found the Logitechs’ rendition of female-led pop to be full of character, and could clearly make out the singer’s vocal inflections, while the accompanying instrumentation felt like it could have been in the same room as us. Classical piano, on the other hand – often the most demanding of our tests - lacked the overall richness of the higher-end products. But it still sounded respectable, and was less flat than the Sennheisers.

These smart-looking earphones certainly stand out

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