Logitech UE Air Speakers full review

The AirPlay speakers that we’ve seen in recent months have all been very impressive – but they’ve also been very expensive. Logitech’s new UE Air isn’t exactly cheap and cheerful, but at £299 it’s much more affordable than most of its AirPlay rivals.

The UE Air has quite a distinctive design, with a flared, curving front panel that measures about 50cm wide. It’s very easy to set up – in fact there several different options here depending on how you want to use it. 

A retractable dock on the front of the speaker allows you to quickly connect an iPhone or iPod. You’re then prompted to download the UE app, which allows you to enter the password for your wifi network. Once that’s done you can close the dock and stream your music over the network. However, the UE Air also has an Ethernet port for making a wired connection to your network, or you can set it up using a web browser on a computer or iPad.

Sound quality is very good – it might not match the warmth of more expensive models such as the B&W Zeppelin Air, but it’s clear and detailed, with a good, solid bass. The higher frequencies did initially sound a little muffled, but the UE app also allows you to adjust treble and bass settings, and it only took a few seconds to tweak the treble up a bit. The UE Air packs quite a punch too – 50% volume was more than enough for listening to music in my front room, leaving plenty of room to pump up the volume when you’re entertaining friends.

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