Mikey microphone for iPod full review

Blue Microphones has built up a great reputation for producing quality audio accessories for musicians, podcasters, educators and anyone who likes the sound of their own voice. Now making an impact in the UK, the Mikey for iPod is the latest in a range of useful gadgets to bring the best out of creative, learning or business endeavors.

Mikey is an external microphone for iPod, and additionally iPhone, that lets users record just about everything from a whisper to a scream. While a relatively niche tool, it has a range of uses, including making audio notes for this very review.

Setting up the Mikey is simple and intuitive, with just three gain settings, rather Sensitivity Selector switch, to try before starting your recordings. While the microphone will work with a wide range of recordings apps from the Apple iTunes App Store, Blue Microphones claims the Blue FiRe app is specifically tailored to bring the most out of your Mikey. Record, Pause and Play functions should be familiar to many.

Mikey for iPod

The Mikey promises CD quality recordings and it's hard to fault the results from tests recording TV, Hi-fi, computer audio, speech and even a bout of less than tuneful acapella singing. We even got some sound out of the frequently noisy neighbours banging and shouting at 4am.

Those recordings can be saved, played back, stored and archived for future use, and particularly, in our case, as a memory aid. The makers note that the Mikey works with the iPod touch - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation, iPod nano 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation; iPod classic; iPod 5th generation and iPhone 3GS and earlier. In the UK, the Mikey is available from Amazon.

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