Mitsubishi EX321U-ST full review

The Mitsubishi EX321U-ST is a short throw projector, which means that it’s especially designed for small meeting rooms and smaller classrooms. The advantage of this model is that you can project a crisp 60in image onto a wall from less than 30in.

The 3,000 lumens is lower than the Sony VPL-DX140 but it’s enough to ensure that the Mitsubishi EX321U-ST is capable of projection in a bright space, and it also features Texas Instruments Brilliant Color Technology DLP which doubles the colour processing from three to six color LCD. It has a healthy 2,700: 1 contrast ratio which compliments the high color vibrancy and the pixel density is 1024 x 768, again matching the Sony VPL-DX140.

One unique feature from the Mitsubishi EX321U-ST is its Wall Screen Support mode. This automatically detects the color of the background screen (or wall) and the projector automatically adjusts for the colour tone. So it’s capable of displaying the same image on a yellow, beige or light blue/green wall as it is on a white screen. We found the Mitsubishi EX321U-ST the easiest projector to set up here, and the large focus ring made it simple to get it up and running.

The visual quality wasn’t quite as sharp as the Sony model, but we think it’s short throw nature may actually suit most small offices and classrooms better. Being able to position it closer to the wall minimised the keystone effect (of it being off balance). It has a healthy 10W speaker, which is a good job as it was easily the noisiest fan of any model on test here.

It comes with its own bag, but we’d like it to be a bit lighter though, at 2.9kilos it’s pushing away from being a portable unit. Although the physical dimensions of the device are quite small and it has a sturdy feel to it. It has a plug-and-play option and Instant Shutdown ensures you can quickly power the unit down. Sadly it doesn’t have the instant on mode of the Sony VPL-DX140 model.

There are some unique features:  the Mitsubishi EX321I-ST has the ability to project 3D images when you use it alongside electronic shutter glasses. It also has Crestron RoomView support, so you can directly connect it to a compatible computer over a network and use it to control the projector. These both aren’t used so much in a home environment but in a compatible education area they are key.

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