Monster iSport Immersion full review

The Monster iSport Immersion headphones have an unusual design, with a curved crescent of rubberised plastic that tucks in the fold of your ear and helps to keep the eartips secure.

And this design is extremely effective. Both the stick-on crescents and the eartips come in an excellent range of sizes, and with trial and error we were able to enjoy a superb fit: throughout a long and bumpy run they held firmly on to the old lugholes. The headphones are robust and even washable, and the cable is flat to prevent tangles.

Less pleasingly, sound quality was a bit of an issue, particularly for bass-heavy music. The disco track in our testing playlist sounded like it was coming out of a teenager’s mobile phone: weedy, tinny and totally lacking in bass punch.

Performance with other types of music was a bit better, if lacking in richness. And the quality of fit did help when it came to sound isolation.

They may look peculiar, but this unusual design helps ensure a superb, secure fit

There’s a remote built into the headphones, with volume controls and play/pause plus a microphone for hands-free calling.

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