MOS004 full review

There seems to be a fashion for earphones branded with big-name musicians and clubs at the moment, and while it’s possible to by cynical at the idea of a pair of £20 earphones branded with old rave superclub Ministry Of Sound, we were pleasantly surprised at the quality of these.

Unsurprisingly,  given the branding, these earphones are better-suited to bass and beat-based music than rock or indie-pop. They have good bass tones and treble, but the midtones seem to be lacking something. These are definitely aimed at dance fans.

We were pleasantly surprised at the audio quality of these earphones, though. Given that they only cost £19.99, yet still offer decent sound quality and seem fairly sturdily constructed, with little of the flimsiness we’ve seen in other models.

There’s a comfort trade-off though, and unlike other over-the-ear cans, the headband isn’t padded and the earpieces themselves sport only minimal padding. Also the earpieces don’t rotate as they do on other models, so they don’t perfectly align to your ear. As a result they aren’t the most comfortable set we’ve ever used.

Ministry Of Sound’s earphones provide thumping beats but minimal comfort.

Unlike other headphones they don’t have a replaceable cable, and nor do they sport iPhone or iPod touch controls and a mic. Mind you, it’s hard to be churlish at this price.

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