Nocs NS800 Monitors full review

Nocs is making itself a reputation for delivering stylish, well made earphones with great sound quality for a good price.

The NS800 Monitors are no exception, like most Nocs they are contained in a small stainless steal housing with Kevlar reinforced cables.

The Nocs NS800 Monitors come in a pack with airplane adaptor, clip, carrying bag, and a selection of sleeves (the parts that fit into your ear).

Unlike the Nocs NS600 Crush the Nocs NS800 Monitors use a single Balanced Armature driver instead of two separate drivers. The result is that they have a much wider audio spectrum than the other Nocs earphones we’ve tested. The NS600 sound like a good pair of earphones with bass overlaid on the top; the cheaper NS400s sound like regular earphones. 

Nocs NS800 Review

The NS800s offer a pleasantly clean sound that’s ideal for indie rock and guitar-based, or classical music; basically anything where you want accuracy rather than just tub-thumping bass (although we were pleased with the quality in some of the dancier tracks). The Nocs NS800 Monitors also pick up on small noises from the backdrop of songs, which makes them a good option for anybody with an interest in audio and song composition.

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With a canalbud style they’re also good at blocking out extraneous noise from the outside environment, which makes them great for use on planes and trains, although as with all canalbuds you should be careful about not being able to hear traffic and suchlike.

On the whole these are a great set of earphones for the money. They’re not quite as accurate as something like the Shure SE635s monitors but they offer great and accurate quality sound, and are considerably cheaper.

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