Orbitsound M9 full review

Orbitsound’s T9 and T12 speaker systems have proved popular with both iOS users and people who want to use them as soundbars with their television sets.

The new Orbitsound M9 sticks with that winning formula and looks very similar to its predecessor. Like the T9, it consists of a compact soundbar that measures just 300mm wide, 90mm high and 100mm deep, and which can sit comfortably on a shelf or be tucked under your TV. That’s accompanied by a larger subwoofer unit to go on the floor.

There are a few key differences, though. The M9 abandons the old iPod dock and opts for Bluetooth wireless instead. The subwoofer is wireless too, and has been designed to reduce latency and ensure that it syncs properly with the main soundbar. And in addition to Bluetooth, the M9 includes three separate inputs for wired connections – 3.5mm line-in, stereo RCA and optical – so you can connect it to a TV or other device.

The result is pretty impressive. The large subwoofer provides really strong bass output, and there’s a separate volume control on the subwoofer, so you can adjust the bass for different types of music. Higher frequencies are clear and detailed, and the M9 boasts a thunderous 200W total output. We could barely push it to 80 percent of maximum volume in our offices before it became uncomfortably loud, so it’ll certainly work well for parties or as part of a home cinema system when watching movies. 

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