Orbitsound T12 v2 soundbar full review

The newly re-launched T12 v2 from British audio specialists Orbitsound, combines a stereo soundbar with iPod dock and a subwoofer for both music listening and enhanced TV viewing. It's a good audio and visual pairing, that means one less box sitting in your living room, although still a fair amount of cables. The company has developed their own "unique spatial stereo" technology, which the T12 v2 embraces, offering a full detailed sound from a fairly modest set-up, with fewer speakers scattered around or need for lengthy positioning.

While the makers insist the T12 v2 doesn't require any lengthy set-up or need to find that "sweet spot," the soundbar is hardly plug and play. Some help may be required just getting everything out the box as there’s a fair amount of weight - 18lbs/8kg - and bulk to shift along with a selection of cables and a remote to sort. The heavyweight subwoofer especially feels too big and bulky for its own good. That said, we had everything up and running in less than 10 minutes, including connecting up a TV and docking an iPod, the latter the easier task by far.


The supplied remote does a fair job at controlling anything docked, including scrolling through iPod and iPhone menus and playlists, as well as switching between dock and TV. Treble and bass controls offer some fine-tuning to suit personal tastes, although after some tampering - rather testing - we thought these were best left alone for everyday listening. During playback, the sound was never less than very good, rich in detail and clarity. Orbitsound products use a single loudspeaker alongside two smaller ‘spatial’ loudspeakers, which the makers insist ensures greener listening. Pleasing to the eye in neutral black, the T12 v2 is currently available from John Lewis. Full tech specs are available on Orbitsound website.

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