Orbitsound T9 full review

Compact one-piece speaker docks often suffer from poor bass output, so Orbitsound’s solution is simply to provide its new T9 speaker with a separate sub-woofer.

They’ve done it before, with the popular T12 speaker system, but the T12 is a large soundbar that is designed to sit under your TV, and the subwoofer that comes with it is the size of a small coffee table.

The T9 has a similar, rectangular soundbar design, with an iPod dock on the top. And, like the T12, it’s also equipped with digital audio and video output connectors so that you can hook it up to your TV if you want to. However, it’s a lot smaller than the T12 – just 11.5 inches wide – so you can easily sit it on a shelf in any room at home. The sub-woofer’s a lot smaller too – just 13 inches high, so it won’t be difficult to find room for that either.

Despite its more compact dimensions, the T9 is almost a match for its bigger brother. It produces an amazing 140W output, and I barely needed to push the volume level above 35% before I was worried about annoying the neighbours. 

The sound quality is good too. The soundbar unit fires sound out to the sides as well as the front, and produces an expansive, detailed sound that really fills the room. It’s not the warmest of sounds, perhaps, but you can’t really expect audiophile quality for just £199, and there’s no doubt that the T9 is one of the most powerful and impressive speaker systems that we’ve seen in this price range.

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