Otone Varsa full review

The Varsa is one of a small but growing number of speaker systems from the UK based company Otone Audio. Manufactured in China and available for under £80, it’s an affordable alternative to your computer’s desktop speakers or modest addition to your TV set-up. Its unique selling point is its versatility, both single horizontal soundbar and 2.0 separate speakers in one neat and fairly portable package. 

Otone Varsa  

The speakers clip together easily to form the soundbar and by the way of additional stands can be set on either side of your desktop or laptop computer at a variety of angles. It’s a cool option, but one that only makes sense if you are likely to fiddle with speakers regularly to adjust them from one to the other. After a little experimentation we found both options to be agreeable on the ears, with a sound that copes particularly well with bass heavy dance music. The Varsa copes less well with more complex music, where detail seems lost.

 Otone Varsa

Sat in front of you, the combined 20 Watts offers more than plenty and turned up is enough to fill a small room, when in party mood, without distortion. For gamers the speaker system adds a fair bit of excitement to gaming, especially for those who like to be lost in the action. A solid but unspectacular design and build is complemented by touch-sensitive power on/standby, volume control and mute functions, which proved responsive despite their diminutive feel. The Varsa is available online via Otone, Amazon and online and instore at PC World.

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