Philips 272C4QPJKAB review - High resolution and plenty of screen space

High resolution and plenty of screen space with the 27” Philips PLS panel.

Plenty of screen space at 27in and high resolution with 2560 x 1440 pixels, the Philips 272C4 is a PLS technology panel with plenty going for it.

There’s a slightly chunky bevel with an extra strip along the bottom of the front housing power-saving sensors that drop the monitor from 38W normal mode into 0.4W standby mode after it detects that no-one is present. The touch- sensitive menu buttons are here, but the descriptions are invisible with the monitor on, and many functions are cramped into a small space.

At the top sits a 2Mp webcam which takes advantage of multi-view technology that lets you view two inputs at the same time.

A pair of speakers with a 2W amplifier help with the audio. Around the back there’s plenty of connectivity with dual-link DVI, DisplayPort and two HDMI ports.

It all sits on a stand that has had its middle removed– a plus point for aesthetics maybe but it also means it tends to wobble whenever touched.

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In the black screen test there was some conspicuous light leak in two significant spots along the top of the panel, and additionally around the corners. In the screen- uniformity brightness test there was plenty of measureable variation, with up to 9.5% difference on one side at 100% Brightness. At 50% Brightness this dropped to 7.7% in the worst area, although most were under 5% variation. Maximum brightness is specified at 300 cd/m2 and in ouyr test this stretched to 318 cd/m2. Unfortunately the more important contrast ratio was not the advertised 1000:1 but an actual 560:1 at 100% Brightness in our tests. There was complete sRGB coverage, falling to 79% for Adobe RGB and a modest 74% of NTSC gmaut. For general colour accuracy some tones were way out, dark cyan again the worst culprit at Delta-E 7.70 and red wasn’t much better at 4.58, leading to an overall average of 2.86. Colour uniformity was better, so that while some colours weren’t that accurate, they at least didn’t vary across the screen so much. Everywhere was quite uniform, except the bottom-right corner which had a Delta-E of 3.6 at 100% Brightness.

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