Philips Brilliance 273P3LPHES full review

One of the more stylish displays in this round-up, the aptly named Philips Brilliance is also a good entry point into the market.

At a fraction of the price you’ll pay for either the SpectraView or the ColorEdge, the main corners cut to keep cost down are in the panel’s specifications. Though the Brilliance has a 27in display that, in most cases, would be considered superb, it can’t match the calibration features built in to the ColorEdge or the LUT hardware common to both those units. It’s more of a very good all-rounder than the first choice for a business with a big budget.

You’ll see that in its lower native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels – it’s reduced, but still credible. There’s no DisplayPort either, though there are DVI-D and HDMI ports, so you can use the monitor for Blu-ray playback. There’s a handy three-port USB hub built in too.

Still there are features that make this a clear option for more budget conscious designers. The display can be rotated into portrait mode and the viewing angle is still a competitive 178 degrees in the horizontal and 170 degrees in the vertical. That stands up pretty well when compared to the other high-end monitors in the round-up – including the LaCie 324i that’s over twice the price.

Though lacking in high-end features, the Philips Brilliance has smart power-saving technology and is good value for money

Look a little further for bells and whistles, and you’ll find features targeted at general consumers. There are built-in 2W speakers, for example. This might be a little underpowered for hardcore gamers, perhaps – but it fits with the display’s potential use as an HDTV monitor when coupled with a digital tuner or disc player.

More impressively, the unit has built-in infrared sensors that engage power-saving technology when nobody is in front of the screen. Philips claims that this feature saves around 80 per cent of your energy costs. And, it goes without saying, that the environmental impact of the monitor is also greatly reduced in the process.

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