Phillips E-Line 237E3QPHSU full review

The Philips E-Line panel is another budget IPS offering that’s £50 cheaper than the ViewSonic IPS screen. It’s also the most stylish, with a natty, blue on-light, glossy black frame and plentiful curves. Even with the power supply built into the back, it’s still thinner than anything else here. However, this descends into anorexia with a 1cm trim that’s transparent in daylight but also leaves it a little too flimsy and bendy. 

The stand is about as small as you can get and offers only a modest forward and back movement. Thankfully then, the power plug and monitor interfaces are built directly into the back. Bizarrely, the connections include two HDMI sockets and a VGA D-Sub socket. There’s no DVI interface. The menu buttons on the front are set into the surface of the panel itself so using them can be awkward.

Still, once it’s up and running there’s lots to like about the Phillips offering. The viewing angles are better than the TN panels, though not quite as good as the LG and ViewSonic. There’s a good range of tones again – more so in the highlights, slightly less so in the shadows – and the display is clean and neutral. 

The white screen test showed some yellowing along the top, but it’s slight. The black screen test showed very minor light leakage in the bottom-right corner – significantly better than you may have read regarding the early production units, though. Colours are vivid and strong. While the other two IPS panels had to push the boat out to make the 200cd/m2 brightness setting, the Phillips panel easily managed it. 

The Philips was the most stylish looking monitor here with a good quality display though the slowest refresh rate

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