Plantronics Backbeat 903+ full review

Plantronics’ Backbeat headphones have been around for a while now, and you can pick them up for a little under £50 online. Just make sure you get the current ‘903+’ set rather than the older Backbeat 903 headphones, which are still available from some retailers.

Despite the low price, the Backbeat 903+ provides good audio quality, and the light, compact design makes them a good choice for exercising or outdoor use.

The earpieces hook over your ears, and are held in place by a tough, rubber cable that wraps behind your neck. That helps to keep them in place if you’re out jogging or hurtling around on a skateboard. However, it can be a bit fiddly hooking them over your ears at first, and then adjusting the extendable earpieces so that they fit snugly inside your ear canal. 

Once that’s done, though, these headphones are light and comfortable to wear, and provide very good audio quality. They produce a very clean, clear sound and – unlike most in-ear headphones – you don’t have to jam them deep into your ear in order to get a decent bass sound. In fact, they’ve got a ‘bass boost’ option that can punch up the bass even higher if that’s the way you like it. There’s a microphone for taking calls, and some other nice touches too, such as the voice alerts that tell you when the battery is running low. Our only complaint, once again, is that the maximum volume is relatively modest.

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