Powerline AV+ 500 full review

Netgear’s Powerline AV+ 500 kit isn’t the most elegant product in this group, but it provides high performance and some handy extra features.

There are two Powerline adaptors in the kit. They both have one Ethernet port each, which means that you can only connect a single device to the internet. Netgear put the Ethernet ports on the top of the adaptors, which means that the cables stick up in the air rather than being tucked down underneath. (That may be to accommodate sockets that are low down on the wall.)

Like the Devolo kit, the AV+ 500 provides a mains passthrough socket and a data transfer speed of 500Mbps, which is fast enough to cope with multiple audio and video streams.

The Powerline AV+ 500 can test the performance of your mains sockets

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