Razer Ferox full review

The Razer Ferox speakers are designed to be portable but still pack a punch. These pop-up pint-sized speakers scrap traditional stereo for 360-degree sound. 

With a pair of 3W drivers, the sound is instantly better than any laptop speakers. Despite their small size, they can deliver a decent amount of volume – enough to make you raise your voice to speak to someone. There are no volume controls so you have to use the volume control in Windows or OS X, or that on any other device with a standard minijack output.

Although the Ferox speakers are a step up from tinny laptop speakers, the sound isn't amazing. The mid-range is the most prominent, which leads to clear vocals but the high-end is withdrawn.

Unfortunately, so is bass. Razer says the Ferox's lowest frequency is 150Hz so don't expect much more bass than from the best laptop speakers. We found them better for watching TV content than listening to music.

Razer Ferox

A clever trick is the spring-loaded mechanism which means the speakers hide away inside the unit but smoothly pop up when you press the top. This action also serves to turn the Ferox on and off.

Each speaker unit has a 30mm driver which points skywards. This might sound strange but an inverted cone sits just above the driver making the sound shoot out in all directions: an omni-directional sound field.

When using the Ferox either side of a laptop you get a regular stereo sound but the design means you can place them anywhere, making them great for (quiet) parties and other situations with multiple listeners.

The real advantage of these speakers is that they are extremely portable; the speakers themselves are palm sized and weigh just over 200g. They come with a carry case which holds the speakers and cable.

Not only are they portable, but the speakers are battery powered and charge via the USB part of the cable. The 470mAh battery takes three hours to charge and provides up to 12 hours of playback.

That's easily enough to get a day or two of use from between charges.

Each speaker unit has a light ring around the bottom. This indicates whether the speakers are fully charged by glowing blue constantly. If the speakers are charging, they will flash blue. If the level drops below 10 percent the lights will turn red.

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