S5i Rugged review

They’re overkill for working out in a cosy indoor gym, but Klipsch’s S5i Rugged headphones are hard to beat for outdoor activities. The cables are made out of water-resistant rubber that is just sturdy enough to avoid curling up and getting tangled all the time. The chunky remote control is also solidly built, with a microphone for taking calls on an iPhone, and large buttons that are easy to use without taking your eyes off the road ahead.

There’s a small clothes clip included, but for more adventurous activities Klipsch also includes a tough carrying case with a metal belt clip. The carrying case even has a built-in torch, which might be handy if you get stranded on top of a mountain.

The earpieces have Klipsch’s trademark tapered design, which allows them to fit comfortably and firmly inside your ear canal. The sound is warm and full-bodied, with plenty of detail on higher frequencies and a robust bass.


There are, of course, cheaper headphones available that sound as good, but the S5i Rugged is perfect for people who are serious about outdoor sports.

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