Sabio DM2-PT full review

At first glance this little external hard drive looks very similar to Apple’s own Time Capsule. The very slim (155 x 155 x 22.5mm) form factor would be welcome on overcrowded desks and in laptop bags, but you do have to pay for this level of miniaturisation.

The RAID enabled option that can take either two 9.5mm or 12.5mm SATA hard drives – combined using SPAN mode, or left as mirrored or stripped storage – gives you ultimate control over how your storage capacity is managed. The built-in RAID controller makes set-up fast and efficient.

The drive’s performance is pretty impressive. Fast, very quiet and unobtrusive, we liked the fact that it offers masses of configurable storage in a device that hasn’t skimped on the fine details. For instance, connect this drive using FireWire 800 and you can dispense with the power adaptor; USB 2.0 and eSATA are also supported. In addition, the drive ships with all the cables you’ll need, which is a nice touch.

The build quality of the drive is excellent, and the aluminium casing helps with heat dissipation, as this drive doesn’t use any fans. And if you do need to upgrade the capacity of the drives, this is easily accomplished. As the drive is aimed at users that need to transport large amounts of data, you’ll probably want to invest in a much sturdier case than the vinyl slipcase provided.

The small footprint is ideal if you need to transport this drive, or have limited desk space

Also supplied is the configuration utility. This is well laid out and makes it easy to get the RAID configuration you want, and also complete a rebuild if you use a mirror set up that fails. You can, of course, also use your Mac’s Disk Utility if you prefer.

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