Samsung M2070W full review

It’s not often that we review Samsung hardware in the pages of Macworld, but as well as being Apple’s arch-rival in the mobile market Samsung is also a major manufacturer of laser printers, and the Samsung M2070W is very much aimed at owners of mobile devices.

Priced at just £129.99, the M2070W is an affordable multifunction laser printer that also includes a 1200dpi scanner and copier. It’s cheap enough for home users, but it doesn’t print in colour so will probably appeal more to small businesses that need a fast, affordable mono printer for day to day use.

The M2070W includes both USB and wifi connectivity, and there’s Mac printer software included on disk so we had no trouble setting it up to use with our office iMac. Given the rivalry between Apple and Samsung, we were also pleased to see that the Mac software was well designed and provided useful help with options such as setting up the wifi connection.

Samsung also emphasizes the M2070W as a printer that can be used with mobile devices. In addition to its built-in wifi, the M2070W also includes NFC (near field communication) which means that owners of smartphones and tablets that have their own NFC capabilities – including, of course, several models made by Samsung – can quickly print documents simply by bumping device up against the printer.

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Apple hasn’t adopted NFC yet so that’s not an option for owners of iOS devices. And, unsurprisingly, the M2070W doesn’t support Apple’s AirPrint either. However, there is a Samsung Mobile app for iOS devices and we had no trouble setting this up with our iPhone and iPad, so there’s no real reason why owners of Apple devices couldn’t use the M2070W in their offices.  If your smartphone isn’t made by Apple or Samsung then the M2070W also supports Google’s CloudPrint as well, so it covers most of the bases for mobile printing.

Print quality is also very good, with the printer’s 1200dpi resolution producing the smooth, crisp text outlines that you’d expect from a laser printer. It’s fast too, turning out a snappy 18 pages per minute in our Word tests. The low cost means that it lacks a few added extras, such as automatic double-sided printing and an Ethernet interface for wired office networks, but those are acceptable compromises for such an inexpensive printer.

Running costs are a little higher than we might have liked, though. Samsung includes a ‘starter’ cartridge that prints 500 pages with the M2070W, but replacement toner cartridges cost around £40 and only last for about 1000 pages. That’s not a lot for a laser printer, and it works out at about 4p per page, which is relatively expensive, especially when compared to some of the business-oriented inkjet printers that are now available.

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