Sennheiser Amperior full review

The Sennheiser Amperior headphones are inspired by DJ's and designed for the streets. How do we know this? Because the box they came in is covered with that slogan. However, it's a little unfair to pigeonhole these cans to hoodie wearing music enthusiasts. In our opinion, the lightweight Amperior's jet black and metallic grey design would suit your everyday suit wearing commuter just as well. In other words, the slogan is rubbish and you should ignore it.

Soundwise it's hard to find fault with the Sennheiser Amperior. From the moment you put them over your ears and press play you know you're dealing with a confident piece of kit. Music came through loud and refreshingly clear. It's as if the the Amperior's add extra emphasis between each layer of sound it delivers…in a good way.

Vocals came through effortlessly and without blending into the mid-tones, while the more base-y sounds popped in almost arrogantly. In short you will be more than happy with the way these headphones deliver your favourite tracks to you.

One of the biggest irks we have with overhear headphones is that pain they cause you. A set of headphones that deliver unrivalled sound quality can be ruined if they crush your ears after a just few tracks. We'd describe the Amperior's comfort as good - nothing more and nothing less. We got through an album and a half before we started experiencing discomfort.

Sennheiser Amperior headphones review

The Amperior headphones come with two cables (0.92m & 1.2m), these can be joined together to give you more than enough room to work with. Cleverly Sennheiser has fitted one lead with Apple compatible controls, so can adjust volume or take calls on your iOS with taking it out of your pocket/bag.

In terms of value for money, they're probably a little bit on the pricey side - but there is no denying that you do get fantastic audio quality for your money.

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