Sennheiser PX 210 BT full review

After avoiding Bluetooth for years, Sennheiser now seems to have embraced the technology with all the zeal of a religious convert. Following on from its MM (mobile music) range, the company has now launched a new range of PX ‘precision’ wireless headphones.

One reason it has taken companies so long to embrace Bluetooth technology is that the technology hadn’t been capable of delivering stereo-quality sound until the A2DP protocol was introduced. And then it took even more time for Apple to implement the protocol in its iPhone 3GS and newest iPod touch.

Should you be using an older iPhone or iPod you need to factor in the cost of Sennheiser’s Bluetooth adaptor called the BTD 300i, which costs £59.99 and makes it possible for the PX 210 BTs to produce stereo sound.

The range kicks off with the PX 210 BT, priced at £149.99. The headphones have a compact design, with comfortable padded earpieces that fold flat when they’re not in use and a carrying case for when you’re travelling. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts about 10 hours when used with Bluetooth, and there’s an ordinary audio cable included as well so that you can still use the headphones if the battery runs flat.

Wireless headphones are a God-send if, like us, you are fed up with the noise caused by wires rubbing against your clothes and feedback into the earpieces.

We had no trouble pairing the PX 210 BT with our iPod touch, and the audio quality over the Bluetooth wireless connection was extremely good – certainly better than many Bluetooth headphones we’ve tested in the past. Higher frequencies are clearly defined, and there’s a rich, warm bass sound.

Our only complaint is that the headphones could do with a little more raw power. They’re fine for listening to music when you’re at work or sitting on a train, but a little extra volume would be good for when you really want to wallow in your favourite sounds.

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