Shure SRH440 full review

Shure is a firm known for professional-quality microphones and studio headsets, so we started out with high expectations of this entry. With an RRP a little above our £100 cut-off, the SRH440 phones are widely available at a price point closer to £80, so they sneak in under the wire.

The SRH440s are a substantial, heavy set of phones, industrially styled in thick plastic. The cord is coiled, durable and rubberised, locking and twisting into the headset. The cups are large, fitting easily over the ears, with padding that snuggles close to the head. There’s next to no leakage from the set.

The phones adjust using traditional notched sliders, but there’s lots of flexibility at other joints. The cups rotate freely and are also hinged for easy folding. However, we can’t imagine them surviving being sat on too often, despite their chunky construction.

These are loud phones, with a very crisp top end and clear mids. Bass reproduction could be said to lack a little warmth, perhaps, but they’re far from tinny. You can pick out every note at the bottom end, each one round and full. The stereo spread was roomy and real too.

If you wear them on the train, be prepared to get a few funny looks

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